Don Morehouse 
P.O. Box 310
Nakusp, B.C. V0G 1R0

 50 14' 22.36" N     117 48' 03.64" W

If I'm out in my Santa Fe, you can track me from this link.


If I'm out on the Quad or the Harley, this link.


   Amateur Radio  Basic - December 1977         Amateur Radio  Advanced  - June 1979

EchoIRLP Nodes.  (All nodes have EchoIRLP installed)

Node 1811 is an Embedded Node located in Nakusp BC on Repeater VE7RDM 146.940  -.600.  Echolink call is VE7EDA-R   If the repeater is down, try 146.560 for the node.

Node 1946 is an Embedded Node located in New Denver BC on 146.560   Echolink call is  VE7EDA-L 

Node 1144 is located in Castlegar BC on 147.440  Echolink call is VE7FL-L

Node 1155 is also located in Nakusp BC on 446.150  Echolink call is VA7EDA-L

I also own EchoIRLP Nodes 1133  It is waiting for a home in Revelstoke BC

Some of my equipment.

Embedded IRLP Node 1811
Motorola M-120
Cooling fan

VE7RDM  146.940 -600
Motorola M-120    25 watts
Telewave  4 can Duplexer

                               First repeater. Two Icom IC-2A(T) and a VOX unit.

APRS IGate and Digi
Motorola M-120 and Kantronics KPC 3+ TNC
Microsoft WinXP (SP3)  -  Ui-View32 V2.03

Mobile APRS system.  VE7EDA-9
Icom IC-02AT and Opentracker OT1+

Saddle Back Mountain  (2271 m / 7340 ft)
Arrow Lakes Search & Rescue Repeater
Amateur Radio Repeater
Saddle Digi (APRS)


1/2 Wave Antenna